Kāiti School

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 Nau Mai ki te ipu-whārangi o RŪMA 13 :)

In Rūma 13 our classroom is our learning space - whare wananga It is sacred and it is filled with a loving and encouraging environment to ensure we do our best! We use the 5 values of the kura in our whare wananga to keep us safe. 


  • Show respect to get respect! Listen and show attention to whoever is speaking. 


  •  We love and we care! Care for others like you want to be cared for!


  •  We are unique and different and that is OK! 


  •  Learning is fun! We have fun at Kura!


  •  We are honest people! The truth always sets us free!


 We strive to do our BEST

We believe in the BEST!

We are the BEST!

Te Whanau o Ruma 13